Student Handbook Addendum - Covid-19 Related FAQ’s – Ver 1.2

September 2020



1. What is the new student bell schedule? 

Our school will operate on a seven-period bell schedule. Period 8 will serve as an optional, office-hours style class, and teachers will be available during this time to provide as-needed support. 


Sample Student Schedule






8:30 AM

9:15 AM

45 min


9:16 AM

10:01 AM

45 min


10:02 AM

10:47 AM

45 min


10:48 AM

11:42 AM

54 min


11:43 AM

12:28 PM

45 min


12:29 PM

1:14 PM

45 min


1:15 PM

2:00 PM

45 min


2:00 PM

2:20 PM

45 min


*Instructional Lunch

**Office Hours


2. How many days per week will I attend school? 

All students will attend school daily, whether they are remote or blended learning. 


3. If I am a remote student, do I have to attend every class at the designated time? 



4. If I am a remote student, do I have to attend school daily?



5. How do I know if I am a blended learning student?

The expectation is for blended learning students to participate in physical building instruction on specific days during the week. Our blended learning population is split into two groups: Group A and Group B. Please see the model below for additional details.



Groups will rotate across the week. After Week 2, the schedule will reset back to Week 1. If your group does not appear on a specific day during the week, you are expected to participate in remote learning. Hence, every day is a day of instruction. An email sent at the end of August contained information related to your group. If you did not receive an email, please contact Mr. Murawski at gmurawski@schools.nyc.gov


6. If my group is not in school, what do I do?

Every student will participate in our instructional program five days per week. Groups not scheduled to appear in the physical school building on a specific day will participate in the virtual school program as remote students through Microsoft Teams.


7. Do I need to wear a mask?

All students returning to the building are required to wear a mask in the classroom and hallway at all times. 


8. Will lunch be served? 

At this time, the cafeteria space is no longer being used to serve breakfast or lunch. Lunch will take place in classrooms with your teachers during instructional periods. Temporary removal of masks is permitted only during lunchtime. 


9. What do I do if I feel sick? 

If you are feeling sick before arriving at school, please stay home. If you are in school, ask a teacher or staff member to allow you to see the nurse immediately. The school will have a designated isolation room for ill students. The nurse will evaluate all students and decide who must return home. The school will contact parents immediately to coordinate a pick-up.


10. What is my expectation as a student?

All students are required to participate in all seven classes daily, whether they are a blended or remote student. Students are required to complete classwork and actively participate in all class discussions/activities. Microsoft Teams will be our primary learning platform, as well as our daily student attendance tracker.


11. When are teacher office hours?

Office hours take place from 1:59 PM – 2:19 PM during Period 8. All teachers will be available to assist students as needed. Students are encouraged to interact with staff through Microsoft Teams via chat, video, or voice call. Parents are also encouraged to communicate with their child’s teachers during this period.


12. Are there any extracurricular activities available after school?

During the week, our physical school building will close at 3:00 PM. At this time, PSAL has suspended all activities until further notice. Information related to extracurricular activities, i.e. student clubs or extra help, will be announced. 


13. Can I meet with my guidance counselor? 

All students are requested to contact their guidance counselor through Microsoft Teams for an appointment. You can also message your guidance counselors through chat in Microsoft Teams. If you would like to email your guidance counselors, please see the contact details below.


Grade Level

Guidance Counselor


9th& 10thGraders

Mr. Sayers


11th& 12thGraders

Ms. Tavarez




14. Do I need to take the SAT exam?

Private and state colleges/universities use the SAT exam as one of many criteria to determine admission. For the upcoming academic year, CUNY has waived the SAT requirement for admission. 


15. Where is the main office?

The cafeteria will serve as the school’s new main office. If you need any support throughout the day, this room will be opened until 3:00 PM daily. 


16. Will we have access to lockers?

Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, no lockers will be issued to students for this academic year. If you have special needs, please see Mr. Martinez or Mr Morel.

17. Are uniforms required this year?

All students are required to wear uniforms daily. If you need a uniform, please click on this link: HSAC Uniform.


18. Are there Regents exams this academic year?

As of this writing, there is no confirmation about the upcoming Regents exam. 


19. Who is the parent coordinator, and how can they be contacted?

Mr. Martinez is the school’s parent coordinator. If you have any concerns, please contact him at 201-923-3319.

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